Advertiser Service Overview

AdMeridian is a premium advertiser network trusted by leading SSP's and Publisher networks. Our system features a highly tailored backend that enforces any requirements that one wishes to impose. Our advertiser solutions are effective medium to reach new customers.


  • Over 2 billion impresions, 1.5 Million Clicks, and around 500 million pops a day.
  • Worldwide Traffic Inventory
  • Profound Fraud Prevention Technologies
  • 3,500+ Publisher Sources
  • Implementation Within Hours
  • Customized Targeting (i.e. IP, Domain, Country, OS and Browser, Keyword)
  • Dedicated & Personalized Assistance
  • Promoting offers and campaigns through variuos necks like: XML feeds,JS tags,POP link & Landing Page URL's
  • Daily campaign oversight and constant account servicing.
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